• The TG 4, previously the TG 110 cooks chicken and all kinds of meat cuts to perfection, and is ideal for convenience stores, butcher’s shops and deli departments. Despite its versatility, the TG 4 is very easy to operate. Just set the time and temperature and start the rotisserie. The TG features the combination of convection and infrared radiation for which Fri-Jado rotisseries are famous. This heating process creates a juicy product with an evenly cooked, crispy skin: a real taste experience. The parts in the preparation chamber of the rotisserie are removable, as well as the fat drawer that drains fat through a valve. This shortens the time needed for cleaning, reduces labour costs and allows your operators to spend their valuable time on what’s most important: attending to your customers.
  • Bring out all of a burger's flavours by serving it on perfectly toasted buns. The Vertical Contact Toaster gives buns a consistent, golden brown finish so they won't soak up the juices of the ingredients and the burger will stay firm and delicious. A complete line of toasters and features are available to meet the needs of any business, including butter wheels, bun feeders, bun chutes, and heated bases.
  • VCT50-Narrow Slot 50 second drop model

    This slower speed manual dial model suits operators that do not need the higher-speed drop of a fast food burger operation. Despite the lower wattage, the longer 50 second toast time ensures buns achieve the same great toasted finish which resists moisture to provide a great mouth feel and produce perfectly hot buns with the same great caramelised finish that resists moisture and offers a great mouth feel to your sandwich. The manual Dial control also makes this unit a cost-effective alternative to higher-speed models, and is able to be operated almost anywhere a 16amp socket is available.

    Antunes Vertical Contact Toasters make Burgers Taste Better!

    There’s no easier way to improve the quality of a burger than by serving it on a hot toasted bun. Vertical Contact Toaster Models by Antunes are used in the largest and most successful foodservice operations around the world. Models are tailored to the timing of the operator’s own product, yet all VCT’s give buns a consistent, golden-brown finish that helps burgers taste better, look better, and feel hotter when in the hands of the customers.
  • The VCTM-2 is a perfect t for any operation where pre- mium bun toasting is the objective. is unit combines a small footprint with an auxiliary heater to provide a hot- ter toasted bun. The VCTM-2 also features a variable speed motor that provides operations with exibility for future menu items and allows for light/dark adjustments. It toasts two buns simultaneously and features an individual heel and crown compression knobs that allow operations to easily adjust toast quality.
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