The world leading manufacturer of broilers

A reliable, stable and predictable cooking platform adopted worldwide by major national and international Fast Food and Quick Service operators, with many independent outlets and small chains also choosing to make the investment.

Nieco’s automated conveyor broiler technology revolutionised burger cooking since its development in the early 1970’s offering operators consistency of finish, temperature control, and labour savings unachievable by many other cooking methods.

A significant development was the introduction of the Nieco Incendalyst™ a Broiler emission control device designed to efficiently capture circa 90% of emissions and reduce exhaust hood build up and cleaning costs.

Recently developments include the introduction of the JF (JetFLOW) Flex Broiler models (including an entry level/menu expansion JF1). The wide choice of models have proven a hit not only for regular burgers, but for many other foods such as Specialty Burgers (from fresh or frozen); Steaks of all meats and all cuts; marinated Chicken; kebabs; some fish fillets; fresh tomatos; mixed Mediterranean vegetables; large hot dogs; ‘finishing’ Sous Vide cooked products; and probably many other foods not tested yet.

Automatic Wire Belt Feeders also means operators can pre-load product and do other tasks whilst that load is fed into the broil tunnel; another feature is the Automatic Burger Feeder suitable for processing frozen IQF burgers in batches. Again releasing the operative to complete other tasks.

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  • Emission Control Device for the Nieco Automatic Broiler

    The Nieco Incendalyst™ is designed for use with the Nieco Automatic broilers. The Incendalyst™ utilises a catalytic converter, similar to those found in automobiles, to reduce smoke and other gases created when meat is charbroiled. The Incendalyst™ sits directly on top of the Nieco broiler and requires no utility hook-up. The Incendalyst™ operates on the exhaust heat from the broiler. Reduction in overall pollutants is approximately 85-90% with visible emissions being virtually eliminated. Odor is significantly reduced as well. The Incendalyst™ works on both gas and electric broilers. By reducing grease and smoke before it reaches the exhaust hood, the ventilation system stays much cleaner, improving operation and reducing the risk of grease build-up in the ducts. Installation is simple and maintenance is minimal. The Incendalyst ™ only requires daily rinsing with low pressure hot water.
  • The JF62, with BroilVection™ technology, delivers superior products and saves up to 40% in energy costs. Nieco's JF62 and JF62-2 dual belt automatic broilers with BroilVection™ technology deliver superior products while saving up to 40% in energy costs. The variety of menu items broiled by the JF62 provides your customers with the charbroiled flavor and surface sear marks they desire. Nieco's BroilVection™ technology combines radiant, reflective and convective heat to produce consistent results and reduce operating costs.


    • Delicious Charbroiled Flavor and Colour
    • Energy SavingsLess Kitchen HeatNo Burner Replacement
    • Faster Speed of Service

    Perfect For

    Smaller kitchens, or lower volume facilites
  • More flavour and less energy means more profits for your restaurant. Nieco's JF64-BG single belt or JF64-2-BG dual belt broiler is our highest-capacity broiler that comes with a bun grill. Equipped with BroilVection™, a new generation of hybrid broiling technology, the JF64-BG combines radiant broiling, natural convection and focused forced convection heat to consistently produce superior products and reduce operating costs.


    • Delicious Charbroiled Flavor and Color
    • Perfectly Grilled Buns
    • Energy Savings
    • Less Kitchen Heat
    • No Burner Replacement
    • Easy to Operate and Maintain
    • Faster Speed of Service

    Perfect For

    High capacity, multi-product broiling, grilled buns and flow through kitchen layout
  • The Nieco JF74 dual belt broiler is the highest capacity electric broiler that features BroilVection™technology. The JF74 is designed to cook multiple products simultaneously, searing in char broiled flavor and adding the surface grill marks desired by your customer. This energy efficient unit is both simple to operate and easy to maintain. It is a perfect larger configuration for higher volume locations. Nieco's BroilVection™ technology combines radiant reflective and convective heat to produce consistent results and reduce operating costs.